Videos and pics of our favorite moments. Enjoy!

You can now find a few of our recordings on SoundCloud! Search for Jason Eldridge and the Chillbillies. Currently working on making it sound and look good! Enjoy!

October 6th, 2019 Crystal VFW


Our debut at Barley John’s in New Richmond, Wisconsin
“Better Things”

“Something to Believe In”

“Move On”

Walkin’ in Memphis @ Northern Wisconsin State Fair

Kryptonite @ The Thirsty Pagan, Superior, WI


“The Happy Breakup Song” @ Northern Hollow Winery, Grasston, MN

Papa Stone with LoCash at Country Jam!


We ran into Jason Aldean walking into Country Jam baby! Special thanks to his wife for snapping the pic for us!IMG_11621

Some shots from the Thirsty Pagan and Northern Wisconsin State Fair (NWSF). Also, our shot of us with the staff at Sweeney’s in Chippewa Falls (they sponsored our stage at the NWSF and we felt it important to have a few cold ones with those fine people!) Gotta love “Pig Papa!”

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“Move On” (recorded 2014)

All Along the Watchtower, NWSF, July 2016